What is the perfect white for your interior space?

When it comes to painting an interior space white is often looked upon as the easiest and safest choice. Browse through any of the current interior magazines more often than not at least one featured interior will include a white colour scheme.

Does the name Antique White USA , Whisper White or perhaps ¼ Lexicon ring a bell? These are some of the most popular whites in the Dulux Whites and Neutral’s range.

What does this all mean? Are we colour conservative? Afraid of colour? Should we consider ourselves boring?

Not at all! I think white is a great choice. You can still add pops of colour by introducing feature walls, speciality paints, wallpaper, cushions, throws .. the list goes on.

Although if you want to update your house it’s a lot cheaper and easier to add some accessories such as throws or cushions than it is to repaint your house, trust me I know!!

Many of you will be thinking “ how is that possible” white is white? Well that’s not entirely true. Pure white by definition is not a colour, but it is the red or blue tint added to it which gives a warm or cool hue.

Without sounding to technical red is a warm colour and blue a cool colour, therefore by adding a red tint to white it also adds warmth. Whereas when you add blue to white it has the opposite effect making it more of a crisp white. There are over 60 shades of white in the Dulux Range and they continually add more.

When choosing “the right white” there are certain things to consider as with any colour scheme. Two of the most important factors are:

Natural Light – It is the amount of natural white in the home which determines which is the correct white in that environment. Cooler whites tend to suit contemporary houses which tend to have more natural light as a result of the design i.e. open space and larger windows whereas more traditional houses tend to have less natural light and therefore suit warmer or yellow based whites.

From personal experience I have also found this to be true. With more traditional houses such as Californian Bungalows, people also tend to lean towards warmer yellows such as Magnolia in the Dulux range which throws tints of yellow.

People may not be aware of the undertones of a particular white until they see it against pure white or another colour with contrasting undertones.

Artificial Light - The move to more energy efficient lighting has an effect on the colour of artificial light in spaces. With the various options of warm white rather than the standard globes previously makes a difference to the colour. Standard globes give a cooler white light and therefore remove some of the warmth in the colour on the walls.

Current trends suggest people are drawn to cooler crisper whites. This is clearly evident when looking at the most popular whites chosen by clients. The most popular in no particular order are from the Dulux Whites and Neutrals Range. These are: Vivid White, Natural White, 1/4 and 1/2 Lexicon, White on White, 1/4 White Polar, Whisper White.

Future Trends – Trends are always changing as are people taste. These are influenced by the introduction of new ranges, changes in technology such as lighting. I think it’s safe to say that people will always be drawn to white it just depends on the tint.

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